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The LM 27 Mile Fun Run
The Lake Martin 27 Mile Fun Run will start at 6:45 AM along with the 50 Mile and 100 mile. Runners in the 27 will follow the same course as the 50 and 100 mile races for one 25 mile loop. After completing the 7 mile south loop, 27 mile runners will run a one mile out, one mile back section to complete the 27 mile race. There will be a sign at the turnaround with a roll of flagging attached. Pull off a piece of flagging and bring it beck to the finish with you.

Below is the course map for the 2 mile out/back. Runners in the 27 will follow the same course as they did starting the race. Run along the sidewalk just as they did at the race start, below Catherine's Market and up to where you cross the paved road to SpringHouse Restaurant. Continue across the road heading along the gravel road for about 20 yards to the "Y."  At the garden behind the deer fence, Go RIGHT where 50 and 100 mile runners go left. Watch the sighs directing 27 milers to the right. Run down the hill to the "T" at the bottom of the hill. Turn left on the gravel road going through the tunnel under Hwy 63. Follow the gravel road up the hill and straight across the paved road. Continue along the gravel road following flagging to the turnaround just past a huge Oak Tree on you left at an old home-site. Grab a piece of ribbon at the trunaround and return to the Cabin, through the tunnel, back up the hill and back to the Cabin and Finish.
The One Mile Out / One Mile Back finish of the 27 Mile Fun Run